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Admission FAQ's

At this point, many families have the same questions, so we going to try and answer most of them here:


I submitted my application; now what?  From this point you will be receiving updated information reguarding pertaining to the open houses your family is welcome to attend to get more information about the school. You will also receive more information about the lottery as we move closer.  


How will the lottery be ran?  The lottery will be ran electronically with a random generator.  The system will email and/or SMS text you information about either your students placement in a space at City View or their wait list number.


Is there a priority system?  We give priority for siblings of currently enrolled students the to students who reside inside the Hillsboro School District boundaries then outside the boundaries.


I did not receive my email what now? Please take a look in your SPAM folder, as they can sometimes go there.  If you still cannot find it please just log into your account and you can review your information.


I am on the waiting list, what are my chances?  Unfortunately, there are no crystal balls around here. However, historically we have to go to the waiting list during the summer.  Often what happens is a family will make a different decision during the summer and we will find out in August or the first part of September.  So please think about if City View were to call you in September would you be ready to move your student?


If I do not make it this school year, will I be on the waiting list for next year?  No, we do not keep our waiting lists year to year.  If you would like to try for a space for the next school year, you will need to reapply the next January.


How will I know if my waiting list space changes? You can log back into your account and view your information at any time.


How will we be notified if a space comes available for my student? Yes, you will be emailed and/or receive an SMS text if a space comes available.  


What does City View do if spaces become available during the school year?  If a space does come available anytime during the school year we do try and fill that space.  Again we work our way down the waiting list until it gets filled.  The only exception is if the space comes available after April 1st of the school year, at that time, the space will remain unfilled.


We have heard that City View has plans to expand. Can you tell me more?  City View has worked with the Hillsboro School District to form a relationship that allowed us to secure a 10-year charter contract and they have agreed to allow us to double in size.  This was fantastic news and started us searching for our forever home. 


If you have any further questions I have not answered please contact us.



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