Admissions Information

School Admissions


Application to our public charter school is open to all residents of Hillsboro, Oregon, and surrounding areas.  Like all Oregon public schools, there is no tuition charged, and all students are eligible to apply. 


Admission is limited to 48 students for our incoming Kindergarten classes and to any openings in grades 1-8. Student acceptance is based on a computerized lottery at random. Students are accepted with siblings of current students first, students who reside inside the Hillsboro School District then students who reside outside of the Hillsboro School District boundaries. Once the spots are filled the remaining names are used to form the waiting list. 


2022-2023 Lottery Dates:

Kindergarten- March 30th

1st to 8th grades- April 20th



Admissions Process

  1. The application process begins with Open House information sessions and meetings held at the school in winter.  We encourage attendance each year at our Open Houses or participation in our online Open House Slideshow.  At an Open House, participants have an opportunity to meet staff, board members, and parents, learn about the school, take a tour of the building, and ask questions. 

  2. Following the Open Houses, all submitted applications are entered into the annual lottery.  The lottery is held in the spring and determines which kindergarten applicants will be offered admission for the following school year. The lottery also will fill any openings in grades 1-8 for the following year and build the wait lists. Please note: prior year’s wait lists are not rolled over,  students must reapply.  The lottery conducted in the spring will establish a new wait list for the upcoming school year.  If you have missed the lottery, you may still apply and be placed on the waitlist.

  3. After the lottery, we will notify families via email to either accept your space in one of our classes or with your waiting list number. We will offer you no more than one week to make a decision about taking the spot in the school. During that time, if school is in session, you and/or your child may make an appointment to visit the school. As we work our way through waiting lists, we may notify you during the summer. If that happens, you will have to make the decision without a visit to the school, so please make use of the Open House and other information on our website. Be prepared to make a quick decision!


If you’re interested in enrolling your child in the current school year, or after the lottery dates, please contact the school office. If there is space available, you will be notified of an opportunity to enroll after we receive your application. If there is not space available, your student will be placed on our waiting list. 


Waiting List

For applications received by the lottery deadline, your position on the waiting list will be determined by the lottery process. Applicants will be notified of their position on the waiting list, and openings will be filled in numerical order from the list.  Our wait list will not roll over from year to year, but rather will be recreated after each annual lottery.  All applicants interested in remaining on the wait list must re-apply annually.  All applicants, including those currently on the wait list, will be entered into a new randomized lottery, and a new wait list will be generated.  The new wait list will be in effect for the following school year.


The wait lists are utilized throughout the spring and summer and into the following school year to fill openings as they occur.  Wait lists are typically shorter at the mid to upper grades, and particularly at the middle school grades.  City View continues to accept applications after the annual lottery for placement on the wait list, in the case that an opening becomes available.  If the lottery deadline has passed, please contact us, submit an application and you will be placed on the wait list.


Available Spots


Our Kindergarten crew typically has the most openings, however we will not know how many openings we have until closer to the lottery. Siblings of existing students will fill some of the spaces. In other classes, there may be few to no spots available at the time of the lottery. Interested families can still apply and be put on the waitlist in case spaces become available. 

Non-Discrimination Policy

City View Charter School, a tuition-free, public charter school of Hillsboro, OR will not consider ethnicity, national origin, race, religion, disability, gender, income level, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability as factors in admission. (ORS 338.125 (3)) In accordance with state statute (ORS 338.125), age and grade will be the only admission criteria used by the City View Charter School.


To apply, please fill out the online form or follow the printed application directions here.