We wish this could be a typical back-to-school guide – or even a guide that would help families choose which kind of learning environment in which to start the new school year. But with the recent and sustained spike in COVID-19 cases in HIllsboro and Washington County, City View's Board of Directors has decided to start the 2020-21 year with every student in a virtual learning environment through the end of our first semester, Jan 31st, 2021 

This will allow social distancing, mask mandates, and other measures to take effect and reduce the spread of COVID-19 before students and staff return to our schools.

The plan for the 2020-21 school year is not the remote learning we launched in the spring. We have built a strategic and comprehensive plan informed by the  experiences in the spring and designed to meet the needs of our students, families, and educators. 

In the Virtual Playbook for Families you will find information about what you can expect on important topics such as:

  • Virtual learning

  • Accessibility and equity for all students

  • Social and emotional support for students

  • Meals and family support

  • Safety

  • What the eventual return to in-person learning will look like.

Check back to this page regularly for updates that will help you navigate this unique year.


  1. Keep students and staff and their well-being at the center of our decision-making and actions.

  2. Provide high-quality, personalized learning opportunities that support the growth and success of each student no matter if it is in person or virtual.

  3. Support the social-emotional needs of the student and provide wrap-around services for families in need.

  4. Provide transparent and consistent communication to our students, families and educators.