City View Internet Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish acceptable use of the Internet as a tool in learning at City View Charter School.  It will also set out guidelines for monitoring, security and penalties of unacceptable use.



The purpose of providing City View students with access to the Internet is to promote academic excellence launching today’s students into the information age.  The Internet can be an invaluable tool allowing our students to research topics through many on line libraries, databases, newspapers, research institutions, and museums.  All of these will be obtainable through our network.  All users will be expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette.  These include, but are not limited to:

·         Getting permission from their teachers before using the network and following written and oral classroom instructions regarding the use of the computers.

·         Respecting other students who may need the equipment by not using the system for nonacademic purposes.

·         Not sharing passwords with other students.

·         Using the network in a way that would not be disruptive to others.

·         Not revealing your personal address, telephone number, any school information or other private information of yourself or others.

·         Jump drives are acceptable but must conform to all City View policies, be virus free and may be viewed by City View staff or network administrators.

·         Personal computers may be brought in a used in the classrooms as word processors.  They may not connect to the Internet and the school will not be responsible for any damage or loss.


Monitoring and Security

On a global network it is impossible to control and filter all content.  However, City View has many filters in place to try and block any unsafe and inappropriate websites and teachers will be monitoring Internet usage.  We believe that the benefits the students will receive from the technology exceed any disadvantages. 

While our intent is to make the Internet access available to further educational goals and objectives students may find their ways to access other material as well.  Security is our highest priority so, if a student finds their way to inappropriate websites they must notify the teacher discretely and the teacher will notify the system administrator and the student must not demonstrate the problem to others.

Users should not expect that any files and web searches are private.  Network administrators, to review files, maintain system integrity and to ensure that the system is being used responsibly, may access network areas.


Unacceptable Use

The following are not acceptable uses of the Internet or City View computers in general:

·         Accessing outside e-mail sources

·         Accessing any chat rooms (i.e. My Space) unless directed by the teachers for a specific purpose

·         Sending offensive pictures of messages

·         Damaging computers, computer system or networks knowingly.

·         Violating copyright laws

·         Using another students password

·         Uploading or creating computer viruses

·         Modifying or harming data of another user

·         Knowingly disabling any virus protection or web filtering software

·         Accessing other student’s or staff’s information on the network



Disciplinary Action for Unacceptable Use

Any user violating this policy is subject to loss of all or part of their network privileges and any other disciplinary actions the administration feels is appropriate for the violation.


Parent Consent

City View supports and respects each family’s right to decide if their child should or should not have Internet access.