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Charter School FAQ's

What is a Charter School?

  ~A charter school is a public school OF CHOICE.
    Charter schools across the nation have different educational philosophies, curriculums and other additional programs that set them apart

    from traditional public schools.  Many charter schools are known for small class sizes and highly valued parent involvement.  Charter

    schools must meet all district and state education, teacher licensing, health, and safety requirements.  Most importantly charter school

    students must meet or beat the standardized test scores of district public schools as written in the contract with the resident school

    district. Funding to establish these non-profit public schools comes from private foundations, federal grants, corporate and personal

   donations.  Once the school is in session, it receives a percentage of state public school funds for each student enrolled.  The charter

   school movement does not raise taxes, yet maintains the highest overall accountability in order to bring more educational choices to all

   families in our communities.

How does that differ from my neighborhood school or a Focus Option School?

  ~Charter schools are independent public schools contracted by their sponsoring district to provide a specific program under the conditions
    of their contract. They often have a greater degree of flexibility in programming, and also a greater level of accountability in that they may
    be shut down by their sponsoring district if performance benchmarks are not met. Students enrolled in a charter school must meet all        

    state benchmarks and district testing requirements, as well as any additional requirements determined by the district in the charter    

    contract. Enrollment in a charter school is completely based on lottery, and there is no preference for neighborhood residents.  Preference

    is given in the following order: Current students, siblings of current students, in Hillsboro School District students the out of Hillsboro

   School District students. Charter schools are independent organizations, operating under their own administrative and financial policies,

   with oversight provided by the organization’s board of directors.

Charter School Basics
City View FAQ's

City View FAQ's

How many children attend your school, and in what grades?

  ~We currently have about 260 students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade.


How many students are there per class?

  ~City View’s class sizes are 24 students per class.


How many different classes are in your school?

  ~Kindergarten to 3rd grade currently (2021-2022 school year) have two classes, 4th to 8th each have one


Are there any fees?

  ~ City View does have a yearly fieldwork fee of $215 per student.  We have payment plans available for families.

Is there before and after school care?

  ~City View has partnered with Champions for after school care at this time.  You can find more information here.

Do you have a lunch program and does it qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced lunch program?

  ~We do have an option for families who would like to have lunch and milk delivered to the school.  This program does qualify the Free and

    Reduced program.  If you need an application for Free and Reduced lunches please contact the office. To find out more about the lunch

    program and view the menu please view our lunch option page.


What is the focus of your school?

  ~City View is an EL Education school. You can find out more about Expeditionary Learning at


Do you teach foreign languages?

  ~We do not offer foreign languages at City View. 


What are the demographics of City View?

  ~City View’s demographics fluctuate from year to year due to our small size. 


Can parents volunteer in the classrooms, and is it required?

  ~The school would not be as successful as it is without our parent volunteers. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at City View, though

    there is no requirement for volunteering. Volunteer opportunities may include small group reading leaders, math group helpers, one-on-

    one readers, field study chaperones, and lunch servers. We also have many opportunities for parents to help with fundraising and special

    events outside of school time.  Please see our Parent Page for more information


Do you have Special Education services?

  ~Special Education services are provided by the Hillsboro School District on our campus for any of our enrolled students who qualify.


Do students receive art instruction?

  ~We are pleased to offer instruction and exposure to the arts in all grades with funding from our Parent Crew, as well as additional

    community support. Additionally, classes also include extra arts instruction as it pertains to their current educational project, and weave
    arts as a fundamental component into the overall curriculum when at all possible.

Enrollment FAQ's

Enrollment FAQ's

How do I enroll my student?

   ~ Please fill out the application on the Admissions page.   After submitting your application, please plan on attending the Open Houses.  
      The week after the open houses we hold the lottery.  You should receive an email after 5pm on the lottery day either confirming that
      your student received a space in the class or your wait list number.

What is a lottery?

  ~When we have more applications than spaces, state law requires us to hold a lottery to fill our available spaces.


How is the lottery drawn?

   ~ The lottery will be done electronically using a program that utilizes a random number generator.     

I have multiple students, if one student is enrolled does that mean the others will too?

   ~Not necessarily.  We give preference to students who are currently attending the school.  If your student has not started at City View yet
     then the siblings are not given priority.  However, once the sibling attends the first day of school then the siblings will be moved up on
      the waiting list.

If my student does not receive a space this year will I have to reapply next year?

   ~ Yes.  We do not hold over the waiting lists from year to year.

My student is on an IEP or 504 plan, can you accommodate them?

   ~ Yes.  Please make sure the school is aware of the IEP or 504 when registering the student (not at the application phase).  This will help
       the administration make sure we have all the necessary information to help ensure your student's success at City View.

How can I visit the school?

   ~ All families are welcome to attend the Open Houses that are scheduled for March and April each year. More information is on the

      Admissions Page

How many spaces do you have each year?

   ~It varies from year to year and by grade level. Generally speaking there are the most spaces available in kindergarten; the specific
     number varies depending on how many younger siblings are entering the incoming kindergarten class. First through fifth grades
     may or may not have openings, depending if students from the previous year relocate.

Do you admit students mid year?

   ~We try and keep our classes full at 24 students per class.  However, after April we do not enroll new students for that school year.

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