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Build the Dream Donations

As a charter school, City View only receives 80% of the State School Funding that school districts receive per student.  Which is why we have not been able to keep up with the rising wages of surrounding school districts.  Staff salaries are reflective of our 85% funding but would be improved by the planned enrollment expansion. We do not have access to any tax bond revenue, state construction funds, state grant funds or Gain Share Program funds from local businesses.  Not receiving these funds drastically limits our budget to an even smaller fraction of our sponsoring district.  

 Therefore, we hope you will be able to take part and experience firsthand the pride we take in supporting the Build the Dream Campaign.  It is our mission at City View to inspire academic excellence, curiosity and life-long learning.  In order to meet our mission and provide an enriching learning environment, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.  Without the assistance of community-minded individuals like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in our community.  We ask that you make a commitment to support our annual appeal by making a tax-deductible donation through the PayPal link on our website or by check in the school office. Your generosity will make a difference regardless of size.  

General Donations

General Donation and Misc Payments (Fundraising, Book Fees Etc)

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