City View Lunch Ordering Information

   Families, City View has collaborated with Fresh n' Local for our daily lunch service.  Fresh n' Local delivers lunches to our students and families can order either the basic hot lunch or a Gluten Free/Dairy Free/ Vegetarian cold sack lunch.  Families can also opt for milk for their students, which can accompany a meal or may be ordered ala carte.


How to order your student lunches:

City View offers 2 ways to order your student lunches, online (with a convenience fee for those not on state assistance) or dropping off the form in the front office

                Online Ordering:  City View will notify families through the newsletter when the lunch ordering for the upcoming month is available, normally about the 15th of the month.  Families can use the link provided or access it through our website (Parents> Lunch Ordering).  If you choose to order online, please make sure you are choosing the proper ordering link.  We have one link set up for families who receive State Benefits (those who have been approved for free and reduced pricing) and another link for those families who do not receive benefits.  If you place an order under the State benefit list and your family is not on the approved list your order will not count.  When placing the order please note that there will normally be two options each day as well as a milk option.   The first option is a basic offering; the second is the Dairy Free, Gluten Free Vegetarian option.  Your student can choose either offering or you can choose which days you want your student to have lunch and which days you do not.  Milk is ala cart and you can choose your student to just have milk on a daily basis as well.

                Paper Ordering: Paper forms will be sent home to families about the 15th of each month as well.  There will be a calendar on the first page (the Dairy Free, Gluten Free Vegetarian options will be on the back) and an ordering form on the second page.  You may keep the first page as a reminder of what you ordered and which days you ordered.  However, you must return the second page to the office.  It is important that your student's name is on the page!  When you return the form to the office it must come with the payment (check or exact change cash only please) unless your family received State Benefits.  There will be a box in the office for you or your student to drop the payment and forms.



Lunch Program FAQ’s

  • Who is Fresh ‘n Local?

Fresh n’ Local Foods is a locally owned and operated company located in Salem, Oregon since 2007. They started their business with a passion to increase the quality of food and the sourcing of local ingredients in schools.  You can read more at their site: 

  • Where can I get more information about the offerings?

          More detail about each lunch offering can be found on our l Lunch Program Page.

  • When do I order?

          Orders must be placed by the 20th of the preceding month.  However, there may be times that City View has extra meals that
           families can order up to 10 am the same day.  Any available meals will be listed on the Lunch Program Page

  • How does ordering for September work?

We open it up  August 15 for orders to be placed.  Families can either:  1) place the order online, 2) contact the office for a lunch order form to be mailed to you or 3) Stop by the office and fill out the form.

  • What if I forget and turn it in late?

We may still be able to accommodate your students order, however, we have to give Fresh n’ Local 2 weeks’ notice of any changes.  So if you forget to turn in your paperwork and on the 1st of the month you place the order the first lunch you can order would be on the 15th.

  • How are the lunches served?

Our lunch crew has a list of who receives what type of lunch and/or milk and they have all the students ordering lunches to come to them at the beginning of lunch and pick it up.  If a lunch is not picked up, they will find the student and deliver it.

  • What if my student is absent?

If your student is absent, we cannot save a hot lunch.  However, if your student ordered the GF, V, DF cold sack lunch option then they can pick it up the next day.  If the absence is on a Thursday and the student is not on campus on Friday as well we do not retain the lunch.  If the family wants to stop by and pick it up please contact the office and we can make those arrangements.

  • What happens to a lunch if a school day is canceled (i.e. a snow day)?

Families would receive a credit for that day for the next month and if the lunches are on campus the school has in the past offered them the next day to the students (if there is school the next day) or we have donated them to a homeless shelter. 

  • What happens if my student forget a lunch and I have not ordered lunch?

If a student forgets a lunch every effort will be made to make sure that the parents are contacted.  However, if a parent cannot be contacted, City View may give the student a meal and bill the family directly.  If you would rather your student not receive a meal in case of a forgotten lunch please notify the school office directly.

  • My student is going on Fieldwork and I ordered a lunch, will it go with them?

Every effort will be made to make sure families know about upcoming fieldwork at the time of ordering.  Any lunch ordered on a fieldwork day will be a sack lunch.

  • At the beginning of the school year, my family did not qualify for state benefits but we do now, can we apply mid-year?

 Families can apply anytime during the year for the state benefits.  You can stop by the office and ask for the application or request one via email.  Before emailing the application back please understand the risks involved, as there is sensitive information on the application.