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Mission & History

Our Mission

City View Charter School strives to inspire academic excellence, build character, and create high-quality work while contributing to a better world.


Our Vision

We believe that all children can excel at learning and that academic distinction can be achieved through inspired leadership and collaborative efforts that heavily involve the student’s interests and natural curiosities. We create a “whole learning environment” where students not only thrive academically but are nurtured and respected as individual members of a community.  In keeping with the education standards of the Hillsboro School District, City View Charter School is dedicated to offering all families in our community a high-quality option school that will address students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs.


History of City View

City View Charter School was started by a group of passionate parents in 2004 as the only charter school in the Hillsboro School District. Founding families decided upon the EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) model to fill a need for a unique approach to hands-on, project-based education in the Hillsboro School District. The first year, City View was comprised of about 50 students, three teachers, and several parent volunteers in blended grade classrooms.


As City View grew and added more students we needed to relocate to a larger building in 2006. City View continued to thrive as parents in the community were spreading the word about our program. Our school grew to 192 students in grades K-8 with eight teachers and many support staff.  Then in 2019, City View was able to grow again and expanded to a second campus.


We now support 230 students in Kindergarten through eighth grade with 25 staff members. We have a grade K-5 campus and a grade 6-8 campus, both located in central Hillsboro. City View remains the only public charter option school in Hillsboro and still proudly educates students using the same EL Education learning model as our founding families.

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