City View Parent Crew

Volunteers at City View are an integral part in making our program a success.  We  do not require a mandatory number of hours for families at this time but we do hope all families will support their students and our programs by helping out in the classrooms, on fieldwork or by joining one of our crews


How can I become a volunteer?


  1. If you are a new family we request that you attend one of the Volunteer meetings that will be held throughout the school year.  Families will be notified of these meetings through the newsletter.  If you are a returning family you can review the Volunteering slides found here: Volunteering Slides

  2. All parent Volunteers will take the Volunteer Quiz found here: Parent Chaperone Quiz.

  3. All parents will need to fill out the Chaperone Code of Conduct Form

  4. Finally, parents will need to pass a background check.  You can find the documentation here: Background Check Form

5 Easy Ways
to Volunteer
at City View

Here are 5 easy ways to join our volunteer crews:

  1. Join the Auction Committee- This is one of the most important committees as the auction generally raises $18,000 for our program.  The committee starts early in the fall to make the spring event a success.  There are many needs on this committee so all talents can be utilized!

  2. Help with a Fundraiser- These can include Original Art (Oct), Wolf Walk (Sept) Plant Sale (April).  You can also join the fundraising committee and help us plan or lead a fundraiser.  You can use the HelpCounter button below to sign up for activities and the chairperson of that activity will contact you.

  3. Help in the classroom- We are always in need of parents to help in the classroom.  If you cannot be in the classroom teachers can also use your help with class projects from home.   Please check with your child’s teacher for specific opportunities.

  4. Be a fieldwork driver and chaperone-   Many of our fieldworks cannot happen without parents driving.  If you can drive students, please make sure you have a current background check on file.

  5. Help in the art room- Art room volunteers help students meet the art learning targets, talk to students about their work, help prep and organize materials, and help keep messy projects running smoothly in the art room!