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Mission & History

Our Mission

City View Charter School strives to inspire academic excellence, build character, and create high-quality work while contributing to a better world.


Our Vision​

We believe that all children can excel at learning and that academic distinction can be achieved through inspired leadership and collaborative efforts that heavily involve the student’s interests and natural curiosities. We create a “whole learning environment” where students not only thrive academically but are nurtured and respected as individual members of a community.  In keeping with the education standards of the Hillsboro School District, City View Charter School is dedicated to offering all families in our community a high-quality option school that will address students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs.


History of City View

City View Charter School was founded in 2004 by a dedicated group of parents with a shared vision for innovative education in the Hillsboro School District. Recognizing the need for a unique approach to hands-on, project-based learning, the founding families chose the EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) model as the foundation for our school's curriculum.

In its inaugural year, City View welcomed approximately 50 students, three teachers, and numerous parent volunteers into blended-grade classrooms. The enthusiastic response from the community spurred the school's growth, leading to the relocation to a larger facility in 2006.

As City View continued to gain momentum, our commitment to providing exceptional education remained steadfast. By 2006, our school had expanded to serve 192 students across grades K-8, supported by a dedicated team of eight teachers and a robust staff of support professionals.

In 2019, City View Charter School reached another milestone with the opening of a second campus, allowing us to accommodate the growing demand for our unique educational approach and extend our impact within the community.

In 2024, City View Charter School embarked on a new chapter with the purchase and relocation to our new building located at 1920 NE Stucki Ave Hillsboro, OR 97006. With this move, we aim to serve over 400 students, bringing K-8 education under one roof. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Pre-School program, extending EL Education opportunities to children ages 3-5 and providing even more education opportunities for families in our community.

City View Charter School is proud to be an EL Education (Expeditionary Learning) school, renowned for its commitment to academic rigor, character education, and high-quality work. Our approach emphasizes hands-on learning experiences that foster curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration. We believe in educating the whole child, nurturing their intellectual growth, social-emotional development, and sense of responsibility to their community.