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Build the Dream Committee

Board sponsors: James Kirby

Meeting Schedule:  Meets monthly

The Build The Dream Committee, made up of interested volunteers, parent professionals and CVCS staff meet a minimum of once a month to support and execute the Board's vision to physically grow our school in a sustainable and focused way.  We are working together in a collaborative effort to relocate and consolidate the CVCS school body to a dedicated learning space specifically designed to address the needs of our growing EL school.  We actively seek out and consider new buildings and properties and once an ideal opportunity is selected, we will execute projects to renovate, permit, construct and eventually transition the CVCS crew to our new physical space. 
  • Closely monitor real estate opportunities that meet the zoning, space, and usage requirements of the future school population 
  • Identify, vet and begin to acquire a new CVCS site
  • Solicit wider review and comment for site selection
  • Complete concurrent bonding, acquisition and permitting for the new site
  • Begin permitting, design and construction related tasks with the goal of move in by Fall 2022

Fundraising Committee

Board sponsor: Mary Binns

Meeting Schedule: First Tuesday of the Month | 6:30 pm 
The Fundraising Committee raises money to fill a gap in school operations funding and sustain essential school programs through a variety of annual events and year-long consumer incentive programs. These events include the annual Wolf Walk, Original Art, and Auction. Consumer incentive programs are opportunities to support our school without cash investment including BottleDrop, Fred Meyer Rewards, Amazon Smile, and BoxTops. 
  • Implement annual fundraising events and develop new opportunities for fundraising to support the school

Finance & Budget Oversight Committee

Board sponsor: Mivsam Yekutiel

Meeting Schedule: Meets the same week as the board meeting on a Wednesday (usually the third Tuesday of the month). Usual time is 6:00 PM. 
The Finance committee meets monthly or as needed to review school financials, including balance sheet, trending, profit and losses, review budget vs expenses, develop the school budget, review bank statements, review checks and deposits. Discuss financial issues or challenges. Keep the City View Board aware of financial issues when they arise. Present to the Board the financial Report. Also, will monitor expenses and raise questions if expenses exceed the budget or projected revenues. And, review the Auditors Report
  • Develop CVCS budget in accordance with state of OR budget laws, HSD budget guidelines, and CVCS policies.
  • Provides oversight for budget adherence and budget planning for CVCS.
  • Communicate financial decisions and changes to the board and CVCS parents.
  • Share budget highlights with the CVCS parents in May of each year.

Community Leadership Committee

Board sponsor: 

Meeting Schedule: TBD 
The Community Leadership Committee recruits parent and community volunteers to support key volunteer tasks that advance strategic City View initiatives, to serve on Board Committees or Staff/Board Committees, and manages the vetting process for qualified candidates for the Board of Directors. 
  • Develop committee’s new activities
  • Identify volunteer leadership opportunities & recruit qualified volunteers 
  • Develop tracking tools for opportunities and volunteer management
  • Support community outreach efforts
  • Assess Board of Directors’ gaps in capacity, skills and knowledge and recruit members to fill gaps
*The Community Leadership Committee was created from the former Nomination Committee to build additional pathways for leadership at City View Charter School in addition to Board Membership. 
For specific meeting details, see Board Calendar