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Our Mission

The mission of City View Charter School is to inspire academic excellence, build character and create high-quality work while contributing to a better world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children can excel at learning and that academic distinction can be achieved through inspired leadership and collaborative efforts that heavily involve the student’s interests and natural curiosities.  We create a “whole learning environment” where students not only learn academically but are nurtured and respected as individual members of a community.  In keeping with the high quality education standards of the Hillsboro School District, City View Charter School is dedicated to offering all families in our community an alternative school option that will address students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, learning styles and needs.

Our Approach

City View Charter students are encouraged to be active learners and are provided the support and guidance to challenge themselves and achieve higher levels of learning.  Lessons are taught across subject disciplines, through project-based curriculums called “learning expeditions”.  Students conduct sustained, in-depth investigations of a topic that lead to authentic projects, fieldwork, and service.  Expeditions bring experts into the classroom and take students out into the community to conduct research and fieldwork – providing authentic learning experiences both inside and outside of the school.  All curriculum and learning expeditions’ designs are directly aligned to the Oregon State Standards.  Character development and self-esteem building is inherent to our entire program, most notably when the student’s final products are taken back out into the community and seen as valuable in a larger context.  In addition to the standardized testing and benchmarking required by the district and the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS), student progress is regularly assessed using rubrics and project goals, student work portfolios, passages, and exhibits.