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Special Programs


At City View, arts are celebrated as a central aspect of learning and life. Our focus on science, social justice and history naturally lends itself to integrating visual arts into learning expeditions. Field studies give children ample opportunities to exercise and improve their skills in observing, narrating, and visually recording what they have learned. In addition, students create artistic representations during daily classwork and weekly classes in art.


Our model promotes social, emotional, mental, and physical health and wellness throughout our curriculum and schoolwide culture. In addition to general fitness and skills proficiency, P.E. aims to develop life-enhancing habits: an appreciation for being active, an understanding of the need for proper care of the body, development of sportsmanship, and a spirit of inclusive and creative collaboration. 


Students also enjoy access to technology and engineering tools to help them learn, research, and explore ideas. Digital technology is used to create meaningful learning experiences that prepare students for college and career.


At the middle school level, elective classes such as student government, choir and cooking, offer many options for leadership and creative exploration. Students choose 2 electives per term, which are taught once a week on Fridays.